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Jomurema Mini-Z Cars

Highly concentrated micro RC car technology

Jomurema RTR- (Ready To Run)- models are very much recommendable for beginners due to their stability, resistance and longevity. They come out of the box with an advanced basic setup and are therefore easy to drive and to control without any need of knowledge about car technology or setup. Nevertheless these models offer already a complete range of setup options for everybody who wants to take a further step deeper into the technical understanding of this beautiful hobby.
The PRO chassis offers professional racing performance and highly advanced options for tuning and setup. Availability of a full range of spareparts and option parts makes it therefore the right choice for ambitioned RC car drivers in national and international championships.
For buying Jomurema models or spare parts and option parts, please refer to the growing number of shops worldwide who started selling our cars and parts.
We are working now very intensively on a constant reliable worldwide availability of our complete product range.
If you have any questions or if you are interested in B2B-business relation with us, please use our contact form here on this website. We try to answer you as fast as possible and provide you with further information.
Keep on speeding up with our products.
Johannes Muehlbacher

All RTR-Sets and PRO-Kits include already:

  • 9 Ball Bearings
  • Ball Differential
  • Lipo Battery (+ Charger in all RTR-Sets)
  • Digital Micro Steering Servo
JOM280111 RTR PRO yellow
CAR-KIT Pro brushless